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Final Fantasy IX

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Expert reviews and ratings

By ImpulseGamer on 78

Final Fantasy IX is a fantastic game with an average port. The price is steep for a 20 year old game with no major upgrades. But once you start playing you won't be able to put it...

By on 75

Final Fantasy IX, in and of itself, is a wonderful game. Harkening to the earlier days of the series, the PlayStation's final installment is utterly charming. An intriguing story, rich soundtrack and vibrant characters make it easy to recommend. The...

By DarkZero on 80

The 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series has been underway, with Square Enix celebrating the milestone of their critically acclaimed, long-running RPG franchise with mini events and cross media tie-ins… it may not be the next major gaming...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

Final Fantasy IX for PC is surprisingly well done for a sixteen year old port. Square Enix could have simply just thrown together something with little effort, but instead what we’ve received is a far better experience. With that said, it’s still not a perfect port as we ran into at least one controller related issue, and the pre-rendered background art can be hard to look at at times.

By DarkZero on 80

In many respects, Final Fantasy IX is the Wind Waker to Final Fantasy's Zelda ; though the game was conceived as a celebration of the series up to that point, the cutesier and more cartoonish visual style for FFIX did not sit entirely well with fans...

International Review By on 90

Fan inconditionnel de Final Fantasy, j'ai passé des centaines d'heures à parcourir la saga. Ce neuvième volet est certainement un des plus aboutis à mon sens. Même quand on ne dirige pas Djidane mais un autre personnage, le plaisir reste le même. Et que...

International Review By on 89

Lanzado originalmente en el año 2000, por la entonces (a secas) Square, Final Fantasy IX propone una vuelta a los orígenes de la serie, con personajes más caricaturescos y algo de humor. Muchos dicen que el relativamente escaso éxito de las aventuras...