Reviewers Liked

  • Offers an excellent and addicting battle system, Accessible to newcomers while offering something for veterans, A surprisingly engaging story
  • Expansive threepronged storyline, Hours of content, Enticing strategy gameplay, Excellent cast
  • Able to sink lots of time into without feeling monotonous, Highly engaging characters and story, Adds new twists to old systems
  • Tweaks to combat retain depth while streamlining strategy, Intense time management requirements are well-rewarded and smartly paced, No two characters are alike, and learning more about your favorites through support conversations is its own reward, There
  • Exploring the monastery is fun, Most elements are voiced, Strong battle mechanics, Strong character builds, Unique look for characters and world

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The main character leaves a lot to be desired in terms of development, Many other characters are one-dimensional
  • Requires three playthroughs for the full experience, Some activities are fairly boring
  • Visual fidelity may be lower than expected, Needs a degree of micromanagement
  • The professor is the only character who doesn't have actual dialogue, which makes conversations one-sided, Threads from the beginning of the game aren't resolved in just one playthrough
  • Confusing final acts, New Gameforces through tutorials again, Small technical mishaps