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There's potential here. Light has a likeable aesthetic and exciting ideas, and if future updates can expand on them to create more complex levels and challenges, it could become something fascinating. As it stands, it's hard to recommend something that ends so quickly after making so little impact.

By PCGamer on

After a promising start, Light's simplistic take on stealth quickly plateaus and then abruptly stops, falling well short of its...

By PC Gamer on

Remember when everybody thought stealth mechanics were rubbish? When every AAA game included a sneaky section on the back of Metal Gear Solid, progressively bludgeoning the concept to death with shoddy controls and poor pacing? Thankfully that's all...

By on

Amnesia is one of the most common storytelling contrivances in media. It's always struck me as odd and reductionist: if you were to lose all of your old memories, would you still be you? It's a tough question, but it's one that Light tosses away almost...

By on

Light is a purely gameplay driven experience emphasizing high scores, and in a way it’s a refreshing alternative to all the glitz and glamour of modern stealth action games. By sticking to the fundamental basics of an enjoyable stealth gaming experience, Light represents an exemplar blueprint for the genre.

By HardcoreGamer on

Thanks to continuing advances in LED and lithium battery technology, it's now not uncommon to see mountain bike headlights putting out 3,000 lumens or more. Most of these high-intensity lights incorporate two or three bulbs, however, requiring a...

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