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It's not without its flaws, then, and there are more than a few moments when you'll find Motorsport Manager seriously frustrating. Casual players might be baffled by the complexity, while those keen to endlessly tweak will find the time constraints...

By Stuff on

Motorsport Manager is a very fun and unique racing game that allows you to focus on so much more than steering and acceleration. A much more realistic racing game than one where you just drive, this game gives you the experience to see how good your...

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It's perhaps the one area where the iOS origins hold it back and some friction begins to show - an emoticon being used as feedback from a driver after a practice session is no substitute for a proper data logger, something that's lacking here, as is the ability to save or copy set-ups which means there's often too much guesswork going on for any sense of strategy to truly bed in. A small shame, but as a foundation this is impressive stuff. Motorsport Manager's a couple of tweaks away from greatness, then, but it's far from a disappointment.

By EuroGamer on

Are you the type to shout at the television while watching sporting events? Are you self-aware enough to know that you're probably not, in fact, better at these sports than those paid millions to partake in them? Do you like spreadsheets? Are you an EVE...

By CGM on

Although feeling hands off in the day to day running of the team as a company, the real joy of Motorsport Manager comes from your preparation for the races and the races themselves. Improving your cars but then watching them in the race, planning your...

By WCCFTech on

Disappointment is an inherent part of motorsport. Maybe it's not where you'll find the bulk of the appeal, but it's certainly a massive part of the reality. It's about crashing out in your final ever home grand prix, coasting to a halt within minutes of...

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I've watched a lot of motorsport, I've played a lot of motorsport computer games over many many years. I remember fondly a game called Grand Prix Manager in the mid 1990's which took me behind the scenes instead of behind the wheel – this month, I...

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Para quem gosta de jogos de simulação e Formula 1, Motorsport Manager vai certamente proporcionar umas boas horas de entretenimento, embora o jogo não tenha o grafismo mais fantástico do mundo, toda a dinâmica da gestão da equipa e as decisões que temos...

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Je ne suis pas un grand fan des jeux de gestion dans l'univers de la F1 d'habitude, mais j'ai cependant trouvé le soft assez agréable. L'interface de Motorsport Manager m'a parue claire dès les premiers instants, puis le didacticiel est globalement bien...

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Benjamin Danneberg(@Game_Play_Me)In den ersten Runden im Motorsport Manager dachte ich so: Naja, ganz nett. Nachdem ich etwas länger gespielt und die Zusammenhänge verstanden hatte, begann das Spiel richtig Spaß zu machen. Und als ich das erste Mal mit...

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Zwar ohne Lizenz, aber dafür mit jeder Menge Details. Der Motorsport Manager ist das Beste, was ihr in diesem Genre aktuell...

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