Editors Liked

  • Compelling central mystery
  • Interesting dynamic between Ronan and his sidekick
  • Genuinely frightening enemies
  • Wonderful concept
  • Detective/investigation system is fluid and engaging
  • The main story has enjoyable twists and turns
  • Some of the Salem history you uncover is interesting
  • Possess a cat

Editors Didn't Like

  • Little to no challenge
  • Uninteresting gameworld
  • Weak characterization
  • The police work is either overly simple or frustratingly illogical
  • A story which promises a decent amount, but falls away badly
  • The game-world around its core component is binary and lifeless
  • NPCs are duplicated over and over in avatar and audio and offer zero life to Salem
  • You can't fail at solving the case, most solutions are simple, and combat is tacked-on
  • The game is set in Salem, yet fails to truly capitalise on its dark and rich history
  • Visually lacking