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By New Game Network on 80

Despite an unsatisfying final act, Owlboy is an enchanting and dazzling adventure. The heartfelt tale will tug at your heartstrings, while the solid gameplay will make you want to see Otus' journey to its...

By criticalhit.net on 80

It's beautiful, it's fun to play and it's accompanied by some wonderful music, but it's the way that the narrative of loss and failure, of hope and redemption is inextricably woven into the game that makes it special.Owlboy was reviewed on Xbox...

By gamingcentral.in on 89

The fruition of a decade's worth of labour has resulted in a game that is an absolute master piece. Owlboy is the vision of Simon Stafsnes Andersen with a lot of inspiration coming from Nintendo games which Andersen was a big fan of. The game has been...

By cgmagonline.com on 100

Honestly, I don't know how Owlboy flew under my radar for so long, having only discovered it a month before its initial release. But after only playing it briefly, I knew it was going to be something special. Like a piece of coal forged through time and...

By GameSpot on 90

By their very nature, retro-inspired games are fighting an uphill battle against the nostalgia they aim to invoke. How can they form their own identity when they're partly designed to make you remember other games? After finishing Owlboy, it seems D-Pad...

By nintendoworldreport.com on 85

Owlboy's elegance is its best trait. The gorgeous pixel adventure cultivates a pleasant vision, with expressive and beautiful artwork mixed with a soaring, tone-setting soundtrack. The near 10-hour journey excels because of that presentation, but what...

By PC Gamer on 82

A beautiful adventure platformer with a cheerful pixel art veneer, but with very modern...

By Polygon on 80

I can lean back and pick out plenty of things about Owlboy that frustrated me, but its failings shrink in the face of its triumphs. I have no excess of affection for the 16-bit genre retreads but even as Owlboy lacks the tightness or consistency of many of the games it sits alongside, it’s far more approachable, far more endearing, and far more unique.

By EuroGamer on 80

At its heart, Owlboy is a throwback and reimagining of a genre gone by, yet it feels like a game you might've already played - one you're returning to with fond memories. That's no coincidence, and it speaks volumes of what D-Pad Studios has achieved. Owlboy is a modern day retro classic.

By Destructoid on 100

No game is perfect, but comes as close as it could get within its genre. The new game to beat in its sector; we're talking pure video game ecstasy. How we score:  The Destructoid Reviews...

By brisbanetimes.com.au on

An insuppressibly charming journey of sky-high exploration and Metroid -style underground dungeon crawling, Owlboy offers a whole lot of heart alongside its innovative takes on tried-and-true adventure game staples. Released for PC a year ago — after a...

By gameranx.com on

Game: OwlboyPublisher: D-Pad StudioDeveloper: D-Pad StudioReviewed: Nintendo SwitchOwlboy originally released back in 2016 bringing gamers a unique experience and a heartfelt story of a band of misfits. Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo...

By technobuffalo.com on

I just graduated from college when development started on Owlboy. At least, that's when public development began. That was in 2008. D-Pad Studio, a five-person team, has worked on the game ever since. This was an indie game before the indie game...

By eurogamer.net on

Owlboy's greatest achievement is how it has managed to stay relevant. Against the deluge of retro-inspired sidescrolling platformers that have been thrown at us over the past several years, Owlboy doesn't just stand head and shoulders above its...