Resident Evil: HD Remaster




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By on 75

6 original, and stretched it to fit across your widescreen monitor while avoiding making the pixels so big you could spot them from orbit. So like a developer overhauling a treasured title, let's pull Resident Evil apart and see what works and what...

By Cheat Code Central on 86

It has been thirteen years since Resident Evil first scared the crap out of all of us. For those of you that remember the terror you felt as you slowly made your way through the mansion, it was truly one of the most frightening things we had experienced...

By CGM on 70

I don't think I was scared outright when I first played Resident Evil, but it was definitely unnerving. Having come to the 1996 PlayStation survival horror a few years after its release, I explored the Racoon City mansion with some knowledge of what I...

International Review By on 85

Resident Evil 0 garante horas de diversão porque tem umas conquistas bem legais de se conseguir. Entre elas, terminar o jogo sem usar nenhuma erva, sem misturar nenhum item de cura ou salvar. São desafios bem legais para quem gosta de platinar.Rebecca e...

International Review By on 64

Kai Schmidt: Ich bin alt und habe damals den Start des ersten Resident Evil miterlebt. Ganze Nächte habe ich vor dem Bildschirm verbracht, um das Geheimnis des Herrenhauses zu ergründen. Und so sehr mich das Spiel damals fesselte, so sehr merke ich...

International Review By on

Resident Evil HD Remaster è un'occasione imperdibile per tutti quei giocatori alla ricerca dell'horror più puro che si siano lasciati sfuggire il remake ai tempi di GameCube. Il gioco è invecchiato divinamente, i controlli aggiornati rendono il prodotto...

International Review By on

Resident Evil HD Remaster llega hoy 20 de enero a PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 y Xbox One y las prensa especializada no ha querido dejar pasar la ocasión para dar su particular opinión de esta nueva remasterización de Capcom, basada en la...