Editors Liked

  • Bone-crunching combat, Wide selection of bikes and bikers, Procedural tracks, Upgrade paths
  • Feels just like Road Rash, New Nitro mechanic is smart, Decent number of tracks
  • Coop local play, Roguelite systems work, to a point, Satisfying combatracing gameplay
  • Excellent gameplay mechanics, Wellmade singleplayer and multiplayer, Good music and performance

Editors Didn't Like

  • Ugly, Fiddly controls, Repetitive, Rubber-banding
  • Feels just like Road Rash, Tracks are more frustrating than fun, Roguelike Campaign is a chore, Dated, uninspired visuals, Performance issues, Gets old quick
  • Long load screens, Noticeable slowdown, Online multiplayer is deserted, Requires a little too much grinding for perks
  • Below average visuals, Uninteresting map design