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Expert reviews and ratings

By CGM on 55

Rogue Stormers takes place in a fantasy action setting with a run and gun tint. If you think "Contra meets Metroid" you'll get the...

By DarkZero on 60

Rogue Stormers is a new addition to the ever-expanding and popular ‘rogue' genre (or rogue-like, or rogue-lite, or whatever new name the internet has decided to brand them as this week). In brief, a rogue game is one that contains perma-death; meaning...

By on 60

Rogue Stormers has been through some pretty drastic development changes over the course of a few years. Developer Black Forest Games has been working on the title for a long time now, and after a brief name change and a few gameplay tweaks, it is...

By HardcoreGamer on 60

The most frustrating thing about Rogue Stormers is that it is a few major flaws from being the perfect game. The potential for unlimited replayability, designed to be enjoyed solo or with friends, and permanent cross character boosts make for a title that would warrant untold hours of late nights and miserable, sleep deprived mornings.

International Review By on 40

D'habitude, je suis plutôt un fan des run and gun et en découvrant Rogue Stormers, j'aurais pu me dire que le soft allait finalement être sympa avec ce côté procédural que j'ai toujours affectionné. Et finalement oui, j'ai adoré le côté rogue-like, mais...

International Review By on 70

Wie im KommunismusWenn ihr die Prinzessin bei Super Mario selbst mit zugebundenen Augen befreit oder Rayman mit einer Hand auf dem Rücken problemlos meistert, dann wäre Rogue Stormers vielleicht ein Kandidat für eure Spielesammlung. Alle anderen, die...

International Review By on 75

El nuevo título de Black Forest Games es un juego que gustará a aquellos que busquen acción sin preocuparse en seguir una compleja historia llena de giros de guión. Rogue Stormers es adrenalina y velocidad, muchas explosiones y siete fases con algunos...