Reviewers Liked

  • Very responsive controls, fluid combat, just enough ammo to survive but make you concerned, exciting hold out and defend segments, dynamic between the drone and marine is fantastic
  • Twin Stick controls, Co-op, Level up system
  • Good in coop, Nice twinstick controls, Great weapon variety
  • Threat system shakes up the Twinstick genre, Character classes expand replay value, Unreal Engine 4 makes this game gorgeous, Couch co-op works very well, Boss fights are a highlight

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Uninspired level designs, throw away boss encounters, too many quiet moments, still severely lacking a worthy narrative
  • Feels rough, Story lacking, No online co-op
  • Slow to play, Rough in places, Forgettable story
  • Some guns sound rather pathetic, This game needs online play