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Stephen's Sausage Roll

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By GameInformer on 73

At the same time, these puzzle mechanics are simple enough that you can run through some problems even when you’re not playing the game. I actually figured out the solution to a few puzzles after I’d put the game down for the night, and I had to rush back to my computer to see if my ideas worked. I obsessed over Stephen's Sausage Roll for several nights in a row and ended up rolling sausages around in my dreams. Thankfully, Stephen’s Sausage Roll is an obsession worth having.

By HardcoreGamer on 90

Stephen Lavelle deserves a pat on the back. Creating a quality puzzle game with a concept as quirky as this is one thing, but going above and beyond to put so much care into crafting such a near-immaculate set of puzzles equally brutal yet forgiving is full-on applause-worthy. To put it simply, Stephen’s Sausage Roll might be some of the meatiest and most delicious food for the mind you’ll taste all year.

By on 100

When Jonathan Blow released his long-awaited adventure game The Witness in January, it attracted critical acclaim, but many reviewers warned that it contains some of the most difficult puzzles they'd ever encountered in a game.Well, Stephen's Sausage...

By Destructoid on 100

No game is perfect, but comes as close as it could get within its genre. The new game to beat in its sector; we're talking pure video game ecstasy. How we score:  The Destructoid Reviews...

International Review By on 85

Stephen's Sausage Roll è brillante non perché si basa su un'idea originale o una qualche meccanica che ridefinisce gli standard, ma semplicemente perché il level design è curato con straordinaria intelligenza. Lo sviluppatore ha voluto usare il pretesto...

By on

Last night, I ducked out of the living room saying, "Off for a bit - I'm going to cook some sausages." Three hours later, I was still at it. Sausages burned: too many to mention. Sausages cooked: zero. Stephen's Sausage Roll is a wonderful puzzle game....