Reviewers Liked

  • Strong gameplay depth, Excellent presentation, Great controls
  • General/Doctrine variety offers unique ways to approach mission planning, brisk but not overbearing mission speeds, combat balances the visceral, the cinematic and the authentic perfectly, all campaigns are fantastic, a nearly perfect single player experi
  • Fantastic level of detail, Unit voicework is perfect, Pause and play aspect slows things down, Real strategy is required, Generals are a nice addition
  • Excellent levels of realism for units and battlefields makes for a impressively atmospheric strategy game, Highly interactive environment, from crop fields to rubble strewn across the map enhances tactical opportunities, The new doctrines system offer a l

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Spotty unit pathfinding, Lackluster voice acting
  • Multiplayer focuses too much on balance for this sort of RTS, making it lose its character in the process, 21 missions seems like a low number between three campaigns
  • “Leader” voicework sounds American, Minimal explanation of units, Pathing and AI occasionally gets confused
  • Poor AI leads to frustration with your own troops as well as missions that are more problemsolving than dynamic battlefields, This leads to little, if any replay value outside of multiplayer and skirmish due to the fairly rigid missions, Minor issues perm