Editors Liked

  • Great storytelling, Incredibly tense and atmospheric, Strong acting and cinematography, Touchscreen makes for easier interactions
  • Collectibles enhance the immersion, Great setup and atmosphere, Short journey, Well cast, Well directed
  • Seamless video transitions, Touchscreen controls great addition, Sound effects/music adds to suspense
  • Full motion video cutscenes are impressive with great performances, Nice implementation of handheld mode, Spooky, chilling atmosphere…
  • Transition between video "scenes" and choice making is seamless. Atmosphere of both the live action and the music adds to the apprehension and suspense of the game
  • Suitably oppressive atmosphere and story, Really well acted

Editors Didn't Like

  • Touchy controls, Easy puzzle elements, Limited interactions as a game
  • No chapter select, Predictable story
  • Relatively short
  • …That's limited by its FMV format, Heavily linear and shallow, Puzzles and quick-time events feel shoehorned in, Steep price point for its length
  • Short, could use a bit more interaction
  • The live action meets interactivity goes on the wonk sometimes, If it's a horror game it's not a scary one