Reviewers Liked

  • The ship is visually spectacular
  • A few fun jump scares and standout sequences
  • Cast of characters are varied and likeable
  • Great setting, intense scares, some incredible voice actors
  • Great production values, Multiple modes, Fun party game
  • Charmingly cheesy, Satisfyingly tough decisions, Great visuals and facial animations, Some edgeofyourseat moments, Multiplayer is a fun addition
  • Likable character, Some brilliant horror moment, Choice and consequence

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • A fundamentally flawed plot, premise, and weak dialog, which make repeat playthroughs uninteresting
  • Visuals and performance are inconsistent
  • Incredibly short, some voice actors are poor enough in quality that they break the immersion
  • HDR not working, Unbalanced sound levels, Unfair QTE, Unforgiving checkpoints, Unlikeable characters
  • Hard to track results of choices, Stuttering and performance issues, Quick time events need to go, A bit short for $30
  • Janky gameplay, Bugs and performance issue, Story can get predictable