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When I think of games like Gone Home, Firewatch, and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, I think of a few things. I think of great, interesting narratives. I think of complex emotional themes. I think of richly imagined worlds. I think of tones that are...

By Gaming Age on

The Park is a nice little jaunt into madness designed to remind former players of The Secret World what they are missing, and also give current players more lore and gear to add to their ever expanding experience in a place where nightmares are the...

By GamingShogun on

The Park is a grand thematic narrative adventure, or walking simulator, that blends point and click with the first person, letting you explore the world from a perspective that could be far more personal, interactive and well-suited to the horror motif...

By WCCFTech on

These are The Park's most effective moments. Approaching a ferris wheel, the field of view is bordered by shadowy, fog-shrouded pines, and the spokes and seats of the ride loom above the player like an ominous...

By CGM on

The silver lining of The Park's poor showing is that it could lead Funcom to try harder should it attempt subsequent single-player adventures. In the meantime however, The Park is one attraction you should definitely skip out...

By on

The rise of the narrative adventure presents fresh challenges for both developers and reviewers alike. The reliable old mechanical barometers of quality become less important when your only interaction with the game world is to walk through and...

By on

A l'origine sorti sur PC en 2015, The Park est un survival horror à la première personne se déroulant dans un parc d'attraction développé par Funcom, qui a notamment réalisé The Secret World. Aujourd'hui, The Park est disponible sur PS4 et Xbox One...

International Review By on

The Park: Ein Psycho-Grusel-Trauma-Horror-Adventure-Walking-Simulator aus dem Hause Funcom. Okay okay, wir wollen nicht übertreiben: Tatsächlich handelt es sich bei The Park um ein sogenanntes psychologisches Horror-Adventure in Form eines...

International Review By on

Selbst 13 Euro sind eindeutig zu viel für The Park. Das neuste Werk von Funcom wirkt bereits nach wenigen Minuten wie eine spielbare Tech-Demo der Unreal Engine 4. Die wenigen Interaktionsmöglichkeiten reduzieren sich auf Gehen, Laufen, ein paar...

International Review By on

Benjamin Schäfer: The Park hat mir Gänsehaut bereitet. Ich hatte ständig ein unbehagliches Gefühl bei meiner Tour durch den Atlantic Island Park. Allerdings habe ich mich nie erschrocken ohne vorher zu ahnen: »Jetzt passiert gleich was.« Dass ich...

International Review By on