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By HardcoreGamer on 70

It’s hard to fully recommend a game with inconsistent controls, but The Swindle is awfully close to being excellent. There are a huge number of enemies with different behaviors and the randomized level generator is more than happy to put multiple kinds together in ways that require different strategies to handle.

By EuroGamer on 85

Deep within The Swindle, through the windows, past the early patrols and right into the secret chambers of a gaudy mansion, I really feel that: the thrill of being faced with lavish punishments for the slightest transgression. With its toffs in need of fleecing and its bloodied cash blowing on the breeze, this is an ideal game for the age of austerity - but it is also a welcome reminder that nothing good comes without cost.

By PC Gamer on 80

An immensely satisfying mix of platforming, stealth, action, and resource management, with...

By Destructoid on

A band of thieves in Steampunk Victorian London has been tasked with preventing Scotland Yard's creation of the ultimate surveillance device: The Devil's Basilisk. If they fail to swindle said device in 100 days read: lives, thievery as we know it will...

By on

Developer: Size Five Games Publisher: Size Five Games Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Vita Version Reviewed: PC Gertrude Christmas is the finest footpad to fleece London yet. The Thorn of New Belgravia has pulled off three successful heists in a...

By Destructoid on

I've just spent a few hours with Size Five Games' of Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! fame newest offering, The Swindle . As a coalition of thieves in alternate-reality Victorian London, you're tasked with stopping the Scotland Yard...