Reviewers Liked

  • Fantastic aesthetics, Great Total War Combat where settlements and location play an even larger part, Unique approach for the franchise in management, technology and development that streamlines everything, Interesting missions that help to particularly e
  • Gorgeous campaign map (especially the highlands and islands), historybased and faction specific mechanics
  • Great gameplay mechanics, Fantastic visuals
  • Smart AI advisor that will suit both rookies and veterans, Well-crafted missions make for engaging campaigns, The signature flairs and flaws of each faction are a delight, Streamlined economy and gubernatorial management

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Limited in unit variety, Late and end game can be incredibly dull, Game is a little too easy
  • Combat isn’t quite as period focused as it could be
  • Gameplay can feel very easy at points
  • AI armies can feel like they get cold feet more than they should, Long victories feel like more of a waiting game than anything else