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Warhammer Quest is a good board game adaptation with simple core gameplay holding the majority of its content behind another...

By illgaming.in on

Full disclosure: I've never played Warhammer. I've never even stepped inside a Games Workshop, despite admiring the Warhammer figures and artwork through the shop window on two continents. However, I have to imagine the best things about playing...

By Gaming Nexus on

Warhammer Quest achieves this in fits and starts. To its credit, Rodeo Games has clearly thought long and hard about how best to translate the hundreds of pages of role-play minutiae of Games Workshop's 1995 physical board game into a streamlined digital...

By eurogamer.net on

Fundamentally Warhammer Quest is a classic turn based strategy game. You take your band of heroes into a dungeon to kill it's inhabitants and steal their stuff. Visiting one of Warhammer Quest's villages will reveal at least one quest for your team to...

By moviesgamesandtech.com on

I've enjoyed our games of Shadows Over Hammerhal. The game is a more complete and satisfying experience than Silver Tower. You can't play it solo, but I would never choose to play this type of game on my own anyway.Once again the figures are of the...

By geekdad.com on

Detailseite: Alle Infos zum SpielDownload: Xbox StorefacebooktwitterwhatsappAlle News21.04.2017 / Der Dungeoncrawler im TestKommentareUm Kommentare zu schreiben, musst du dich anmelden bzw. registrieren.Es wurden noch keine Kommentare abgegeben. Mach...

International Review By Xbox Aktuell on