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As an open world ship trading and combat game, Windward excels tremendously. It's fun, has witty banter, includes the ability to team up with friends in co-op and lets you enjoy the Golden Age of Sail as if you too were a part of the 17th Century. The...

By WCCFTech on

Windward is one of the best kinds of games; one with a rich subset or core systems, cleverly disguised by their easily digested...

By CGM on

Fun in a simple, almost mindless way, the oceans of Windward are beautiful but not especially...

By PC Gamer on

Windward demands a lot of time to accomplish very little. Progress is slow and grind heavy. Despite the lack of any complexity in combat or economy, there is slight fun to be had with the game small in short...

By on

Windward is a world of trading, exploration and pirates. Featuring a massive open world, naval battles and trading, Windward is about having the right ship on the high seas. A variety of ways to earn money — through constant sea battles or sailing...

By Gaming Illustrated on

All games are ultimately in the business of a selling a fantasy. The best ones conjure up a combination of presentation and mechanics that lets you imagine, for a few fleeting hours, what it would be like to live a different life: a criminal, a...

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