Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent Build Quality, Rock Solid Rail Stability, Fully Modular, Flat Modular Cables, 80 Plus Gold Certified, Electrical Protections, Zero RPM Feature, Peak Output (925W), 10 Year Warranty, Price (For Some)
  • Outstanding voltage regulation, amazing ripple suppression, fully modular, lots of included goodies, nice warranty
  • Full power at 49 °C, Efficient, Silent, Low ripple, Load regulation on the minor railsQuality caps, Holdup time, Fully modular, Warranty
  • Made with quality components, Quiet fan with Zero RPM mode, Good overall performance, 7 year warranty, Fully modular

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • CWT's infamous solder bug strikes again... this time confined only to the VRM board, thankfully
  • Small price difference with the RM750i, Single EPS connector, No fan test button, Distance between 4pin Molex connectors
  • Does not support Corsair link