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Intel Core i7 6800K 3.4GHz Socket 2011-3


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The i7-6800K is most affordable Broadwell-E part, providing more CPU cores for not much more than an i7-6700K, though the 6700K still wins in gaming comparisons.

As reviewed by PC Gamer

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By PC Gamer on 83

The i7-6800K is most affordable Broadwell-E part, providing more CPU cores for not much more than an i7-6700K, though the 6700K still wins in gaming comparisons.

By Phoronix on

While the Core i7 6800K has been available for a few months now, there hadn't been any review on it since Intel hadn't sent out any Broadwell-E samples for Linux testing this time around. However, I did end up finally buying a Core i7 6800K now that the...

By AnandTech on

What would you do with more CPU cores? This is a question I see posted from an Intel employee on a yearly basis, and it actually is a difficult question to answer depending on your computing background. A gamer might not need more than four or six, and...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

Is Broadwell more attractive to enthusiasts without graphics and up to 10 Hyper-Threaded cores? We test against two previous generations, plus Skylake to find out.Intel launched its sixth-gen Core architecture, code-named Skylake, last August. That...

By Guru of 3D on

The 10 Tentacle Core i7 6950X, Core i7 6900K / 6850K & 6800K Processors Hey - It's All About Mega-Tasking!Hey y'all! The moment has arrived, Intel is stepping up the game by offering a new series of flagship (for consumers) processors, these are the new...

By Tom's Hardware on

We always knew we'd be seeing Broadwell again, though. There's a fairly predictable lag between when Intel rolls out a new architecture and when the design is adapted for server/workstation use. So, when we got our hands on Xeon E5-2600 v4 , based on...

International Review By on 86

Enquanto o Core i7-6950X ainda tinha seus "truques na manga", entregando resultados bastante impressionantes em testes que faziam bom uso da quantidade massiva de threads que ele possui (20), o Core i7-6800K acaba sendo um legítimo exemplo da estagnação...

International Review By on 64

В лице Core i7-6800K компания Intel предлагает сравнительно доступный, но при этом мощный процессор «для энтузиастов». Шестиядерный CPU по результатам тестирования во многих бенчмарках превосходит значительно более дорогие модели при примерно такой же...

International Review By on 65

Intel bietet mit dem Core i7-6800K einen vergleichsweise günstigen und trotzdem starken Enthusiasten-Prozessor an. Die Hexacore-CPU schlägt im Test deutlich teurere Modelle in vielen Benchmarks bei gleichbleibender...

International Review By on 80

Everything else aside, the Core i7 6800K is the best-value six-core processor ever made and precious few corners have been sanded off to make it fit into its $440 (£400) price point.For certain usage cases though the extra $100 (£100) you'd be spending...

International Review By Hardware France on

Sandy Bridge-E (2011, 32nm) Carte mère Asus P9X79 (4 canaux DDR3, PCI Express 3.0, SATA 6 Gb/s) Core i7-3970X Core i7-3930K LGA 1366: Bloomfield/Gulftown (2008/2010, 45/32nm) Carte mère Intel DX58SO (3 canaux DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, SATA 3...

International Review By on

안녕하세요. 헤르미온느 입니다.지난 시간에 이어서 오늘도 하이엔드 코어 i7 에 관한 이야기를 드릴까 합니다! 6코어 12스레드를 가진 하이엔드 코어 i7 프로세서와 4코어 8스레드를 가진 일반 코어 i7 프로세서를 서로 오버클럭하면 어느쪽이 효율이 좋을까요? 단일 처리 능력과 무조건 높은 클럭을 찍어야 하는 경우라면 스카이레이크 코어 i7 이 더 유리하겠지만, 그건 액화질소 때려붓고 해야하는 오버클럭이라 실사용에 적용하긴 무리입니다.시중에서...

International Review By CowcotLand on

L'architecture Broadwell offre très peu d'évolution par rapport aux Haswell. Toutefois le gain n'est pas null pour autant. Ainsi le 6800K se montre un peu plus joueur que son frère ainé le 5820K sans pour autant atteindre les performances d'un 6700K....

International Review By on

Когда речь заходит о производительности современных чипов Intel в х86-вычислениях то определить победителя проще простого. У кого больше ядер (потоков) — тот и папа. Однако платформа LGA2011-v3 позиционируется как геймерская. Экстремально геймерская....