Reviewers Liked

  • 6GHz boost speeds out of the box
  • Same price as 13th Gen
  • Works wonders with a high-end graphics card
  • Compatible with 600 and 700 Series chipset motherboards
  • New AI features optimize performance
  • Wi-Fi 7, Thunderbolt 5 support
  • Support for DDR4 & DDR5 memory

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • 105C in heavy workloads
  • No power efficiency improvements over 13th Gen
  • Doesn't improve on the Core i9 13900K by much, if at all
  • Still can't match AMD 3D V-Cache chips in some games
  • Very high power usage
  • Ryzen 7800X3D is a much better choice for gaming
  • CPU cooler not included
  • Much cheaper Core i7-14700K is only 3 to 6 percent slower in gaming