Reviewers Liked

  • It's certainly cheap
  • $99 is eminently affordable. Above all other considerations, this phone has an incredible price, and for some of us, that's all that matters, Big for the price and not many inexpensive phones have an 18:9 aspect ratio, It feels more durable than I'd expec
  • Oreo Go as the operating system, Solid and comfortable construction, Delivers all the smartphone basics at reasonable performance levels, All-day battery life

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Terrible screen, inconsistent fingerprint reader, abhorrent camera performance, It uses a 3.5mm headphone jack and Micro-USB port, which is no doubt a cost-saving measure anyone purchasing the 1X probably won't mind. The rear 8-megapixel camera and front-
  • It's bad. In daily use, the phone provides an inconsistent experience which requires tremendous patience. I cannot stress enough how frustrating most activities were on this device. It's like using a Nexus 4 with Oreo in 2018, TN panel, low resolution, te