Editors Liked

  • Dual-curved design, Curved edge screen, MediaTek Helio X25 chip, Good memory combination of 4GB + 64GB, Price
  • Great looking phone, Not expensive, Able to order screen protector and cover at time of release of phone, Fast, Easy to setup, There have been 2 updates since I have the phone
  • Quality materials and assembly, Nice design, thin frame around the display, Platform performance, the availability of Version 4/64 with reasonable overpayment, Advanced OS capabilities, Support for two SIM cards and memory cards, fingerprint scanner, Adeq
  • IPS Full HD panel, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, dual-SIM, design & looks, build, fingerprint scanner
  • Software The stockish version of Android is lean, smooth, and fast with only a few issues, Screen Even at 5.5" and 1080p, the screen is crisp and clear. The curve of the glass is subtle and is definitely eyecatching, Performance The phone runs smooth unde
  • Build Quality, Fingerprint sensor, Display, Curved edges, on the back and front, No bezels in sight, Battery Life

Editors Didn't Like

  • No sound at phone start up
  • Inaccurate display sensor, The low level of autonomy, Not the best build quality of the camera module
  • WiFi module, shortcomings in performance, speaker, camera, slow eMMC storage, minimal brightness
  • Software again Despite the stocklike feel of the software, there are still enough janks to leave me scratching my head
  • Camera is a bit slow, Back Scratches way to easily, Rather plain software experience