Editors Liked

  • Fundamentally good manufacturing quality, very bright display, high resolution camera, long battery life, good price-performance ratio, decent speech quality, stable, CE marking, fingerprint reader, good color reproduction and viewing angle stability, Re
  • Decent build and design, Nice color, Performance was decent, didn't get hot during gameplay sessions and almost no lag or stutter with multitasking, Excellent battery life, Ok camera, Accurate fingerprint sensor, Front camera flash

Editors Didn't Like

  • Small bulge in case, some pixelation in photos, weak processor and graphics card, heavy weight, GPS very imprecise, warranty coverage unclear
  • Fingerprint sensor was a tad slow, Sound quality could have been better, It's a bit heavy due to the larger battery, The HD screen made for a bit less clarity on the 5.5-inch display size, No NFC for mobile payments