Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent for multimedia use, Frontfacing stereo speakers are great, Good battery life, Great display
  • The HTC One M8 HKE's sumptuous aluminum body makes a beautiful background for this topflight smartphone's brilliant 5inch display. It runs on a powerful quadcore processor and Android KitKat, the stereo speakers deliver excellent sound, and the depthsensi
  • Gorgeous design; Thunderous speakers; Excellent battery life; Fun 3D camera apps; Included headphones deliver loud clear audio
  • Supports 192KHz FLAC audio. Bundled earbuds are solid

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Back panel is too slick, gets dirty too easily, Included software is terrible, Included headset is unusable, Model only available on Sprint
  • The One M8 HKE's special audio prowess is overrated and slathers on the bloatware extra thickly. The One M8's battery is not userremovable. The phone's sealed chassis is not waterresistant, and the One M8's photos look less sharp than competitors'
  • Sluggish Sprint network; Somewhat heavy
  • Earphones lack secure fit. Software audio enhancements are not for audiophiles. Questionable styling