Reviewers Liked

  • Sturdy metal case, long-lasting battery, good price-to-value ratio, dual-SIM support, current software & no bloatware, GPS reasonably accurate, display is vivid with lots of contrast, good performance, decent speaker
  • Competitive specs straddling mid and high range, Fast charging right out of the box, Near vanilla Android experience, Choice between on-screen or capacitive navigation buttons, Sub-$200 price tag
  • The Display: It's pretty amazing for a 1080p panel, Battery Life: Also another strong point for the UMi SUPER, Build Quality: I'd argue that the UMi SUPER's build quality rivals the HTC 10. And that's saying a lot
  • Unibody Metal Design, Nice Screen Display, Supports all LTE frequencies, 4GB memory, Notification LED, Latest Android 6.0

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Build quality not always top notch, touchscreen is inaccurate, warranty support might be an issue, display is not that bright, microphone afflicted with a metallic-sounding echo, pretty heavy, fingerprint reader is not that reliable, case gets hot under
  • Camera is slow, too much noise in low light, Smart Key can't be used when phone is still locked, can't function as camera shutter
  • Availability: Always an issue with Chinese smartphones, but it still needs to be said. It'll only be available in China, unfortunately, Notification LED: It's cool and all, but it's tough to figure out why it exists. I kept thinking that it was the home b
  • Hybrid Slot, False statement about battery