Reviewers Liked

  • Great value, Very intuitive and easy to use controls, Compact and lightweight design, Loud sound output for its size, Waterproof design (IP67), Good battery life for a compact speaker, Comes in a range of colorful options
  • The Braven 405 will remember the last 6 devices it was paired with, Compact size makes it easy to bring along, Waterproof features mean it is safe for all outdoors activities, Can be used as a speakerphone, Can be used to top off the battery on your phone
  • Bright audio performance projects well in outdoor spaces, Highly water- and shock-resistant design, Built-in kickstand, Can charge mobile devices

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Sound has some distortion at max volume
  • At max volume sound will distort
  • Distorts at top volumes on some tracks, Light on bass response, Control panel makes it easy to accidentally skip tracks