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Denon Heos HomeCinema Soundbar

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By on 90

If you're in the market for a soundbar then Denon's HEOS HomeCinema should definitely be on your short list. It's attractively designed and solidly constructed without being flashy or drawing attention to itself. The classic look of the black soundbar...

By Audioholics on

So to sum it up, rounding out your 3.0 HEOS Bar into a 3.1 sound system with the HEOS Subwoofer is a $1,500 commitment. Depending on your perspective, it could be a bold move by Denon to forgo a subwoofer just to make the system seem complete. It could...

By on

Big movie sound, effective TV sound, no duffer at music and with all the multiroom abilities of HEOS, the HomeCinema is quite the little giant, and only increases the attractions of the overall HEOS wireless multiroom system.HEOS HomeCinema soundbar +...

International Review By AudioVision on 79

Mit ihrer umfangreichen Ausstattung lässt die Heos-Soundbar viele Mitbewerber alt aussehen. Klanglich peppt sie nicht nur Flat-TVs effektiv auf, sondern ist ein echter...

International Review By on 72

Il settore delle soundbar multiroom è al momento poco affollato e quindi questa Denon Heos può ancora dire la sua, però i risultati non ci sono sembrati all'altezza del prezzo richiesto. Nonostante l'ottimo abbinamento tra soundbar e subwoofer, ciò che...

By TechRadar on

Has Denon one-upped Sonos? This well-connected and powerful 4K-ready 3.0 soundbar can has wireless 5.1 home cinema and multi-room options if used with Denon's HEOS speakers. Its subwoofer is more affordable than its rival's, but the HEOS Bar impresses...

By Trusted Reviews on

This wasn't a particularly in-depth demonstration, but I came away very impressed. I think Denon is really onto something here, and it looks like the company has achieved its goal of an all-singing, all-dancing sound system. I'll get into it more in my...

International Review By on

Heutzutage lässt sich das Zocken an der Konsole und Heimkinotechnik kaum noch voneinander trennen. Das fängt beim Fernseher an und hört bei Anlage auf. Da viele Zocker keine Lust haben sich ihre heimischen Hallen mit großen Lautsprechern zu verbauen,...

International Review By Area DVD on

Heos sticht mit der Heos HomeCinema Soundbar genau in eine preisliche Lücke. Die sehr edle Alternative von Raumfeld ist mit 1.300 EUR deutlich teurer, der Panasonic-Vorschlag ist mit rund 500 EUR merklich preisgünstiger. Richtig krass wird es, wenn man...

International Review By on

Herausragend klingender Heimkino-Soundbar, der auch Musik beherrscht mit guten Funktionalitäten, die jedoch in einer schlechten App...

International Review By AV-Magazin on

Ob bei einer Fußball-Großveranstaltung im TV, beim Heimkinoabend, dem täglichen Serienvergnügen oder als musikalische Untermalung: das smarte Heos HomeCinema-System punktet bei AV-Magazin mit erstklassigem Klang und innovativer Ausstattung, die es für...

By on

The new Denon HEOS Home Cinema is a set composed of a 2.1 sound bar or projector to be installed under your TV, plus a subwoofer to complete wireless sound system in the lower frequencies. As the name suggests, the Home Cinema belongs to the family of...