Reviewers Liked

  • Looks good, Great performance, Lots of useful apps, 4K playback that works, Can handle lots of media types, Great multimediasupport, Lots of great mobile apps, 4 camera licenses included with Surveillance Center, Looks good, Great performance, Lots of use
  • Speedy quad-core Intel processor, Supports many common apps, Supports 4K HDMI video output
  • Fair price for what is offered, Power consumption, Good performance with both open and encrypted file transfers, Silent, Hardware-transcoding engine, 4K multimedia playback support, HDMI 1.4b port, Folder-based encryption (but no option for volume encrypt

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Need to remove the case to change HDD's, No memory upgrade, ADM still lags slightly behind the OS of Synology and Qnap, Surveillance center very barebones compared to Synology Surveillance Station, Need to remove the case to change HDD's, No memory upgr
  • Requires download and installation of most services, including media servers and download managers, Uses multiple mobile apps instead of a single mobile interface
  • Increased CPU and HDD temperatures under taxing conditions, RAM is not expandable, It doesn't feature a hot-swappable HDD design, Awkward position of the power button, Still no options for widgets, and you cannot re-size windows in ADM (but this will chan