Editors Liked

  • Support for filesystems (Brfs, XFS) other than EXT4, Good performance, RAM upgrade is possible, Equipped with five Gigabit Ethernet ports (with LACP support), Reliable and silent operation, Full metal casing, HDMI and audioout ports, Option for fast RAID
  • Builtin UPS, Quadcore Intel CPU, Capable allround performance
  • Supports multiple File Systems, Quiet, Quick RAID 5 rebuild time w/ quick RAID option, Volume snapshots (BTRFS only), Optional builtin UPS shuts NAS down cleanly after a power loss

Editors Didn't Like

  • The operating system's interface needs a complete redesign, The installation of optional modules could be more straightforward, No fan profile adjustment via software possible, Some changes in the Networking Section demand for a lengthy reboot, No option
  • Software looks and feels dated, Drive bays not toolfree
  • Slow NTFS backup throughput, Not the best bang for the buck