Reviewers Liked

  • Affordable price, Good performance, Power consumption, DSM OS, Quiet operation, Hardware encryption engine, ErP Lot 6 compliant (<0.5 W consumption in standby), USB 3.0 compatibility, Support for up to 16 camera licenses (comes with two free licenses), SS
  • The DS416j offers performance better than a DS216j and has the capabilities to use four hard drives, Synology improves its Surveillance Station app with the new Beta 8,0 which offers improved features, Options for setting up your cameras are many and flex

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Limited amount of non-expandable RAM, Lacks an HDMI port, No front USB 3.0 port, Plastic HDD trays are without anti-vibration materials, You cannot format an external disk into NTFS (however, external NTFS disks can be read and written to properly), The p
  • For many users, two cameras will be enough, if you wish to add more cameras you will need to purchase license packs from Synology at around $50 per camera, The DS416j has an industrial look to it which may not fit well with your media center