Reviewers Liked

  • Read speed: 560Mb/sec, Write speed: 510Mb/sec, Silicon Motion SM2258 SSD controller, 500GB capacity, SATA inferface, Large ARGB surface area, Supports all major motherboard RGB eco-systems, 3-Year Warranty
  • Performance (Compared To HDDs), Water Flow RGB Illumination (8 RGB LEDs), Features (NANDXtend / SLC Write Caching / DevSleep), Available Models (Standalone & Compatible With RGB Mainboards), Available Colors (Black & White), 3 Year Warranty
  • Good power efficiency, Cool aesthetics with well diffused RGB lighting, Multiple colors variants for both looks and system compatibility
  • Addressable RGB lighting looks mesmerizing, Affordable, Large SLC write cache, 3-year warranty

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Performance & Endurance Levels (Compared To The Competition), Price (For Some)
  • Premium price, Slightly lower than average endurance, Three-year warranty
  • Not as fast as highest-performance SATA drives, Write speeds drop a lot under heavy writes