Reviewers Liked

  • Phison S10 Series SSD controller, DRAM Cache: 256MB, SATA3 – 6Gbps, 7mm thickness, Up to  530MB/s Read, Up to 500 MB/s Write
  • Uses more desirable MLC over TLC, Low price, Reasonable performance
  • Good Write Performance, Excellent Access speed
  • Silky smooth operation as a system drive, Outstanding sequential reading and writing performance, even at very low queue depths, Excellent 4K random writing performance, at low and high queue depths, Excellent 4k random reading performance at very low,
  • Competitive performance, Aggressive pricing, Several data-security features
  • Great overall performance, Built on a solid platform (Phison S10), Priced aggressively

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Still awaiting the 2.0 firmware update that will move the Phison S10 into the premium performance range
  • Lack of accessories, Performance with heavier content creation
  • Power efficiency when writing data is not what it could be
  • Warranty is only three-year, No software or accessories whatsoever
  • No accessories or bundled software