Reviewers Liked

  • Power supply via USB Type-C, Robust, practical keyboard dock, Good typing quality, Backlit keyboard with speakers, Bright IPS touch panel, Rear real-sense camera, Good picture quality, Reliable microphone, Adjustable feet stand, Silent
  • Power supply via USB Type C, robust, convenient keyboard dock, keys' good typing qualities, backlit keyboard with speakers, bright IPS touchscreen, rear-facing RealSense camera, decent photo quality, good microphone, adjustable stand, decent overall perf
  • Great keyboard, Keen price, Elegant kickstand, Solid build, Twin USB Type-C ports
  • Good Overall Performance, Good Battery Life, Lightweight and Highly Portable, Clean Software Installation, Nice Keyboard, Dead Silent
  • Sleek design, Brilliant display, Comfortable keyboard, Strong performance, Active Pen and USB Type-A dongle included, Sturdy hinge

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No workmanship flaws, CPU performance slightly under expected level, Weak performance despite a Core m3
  • Minor weaknesses in build, lowest gaming performance, below average CPU computing speed
  • Core M may allow ditching the fan, but it's not winning us much battery life in return, It's a little heavier than its more expensive competition, Its battery life is a little worse than its more expensive competition, No Windows Hello support, A USB Type
  • Not Quite As Powerful As A Core i-Based Machine, High-Gloss display
  • Below-average battery life, Pen not as sensitive as Surface Pro's