Reviewers Liked

  • Display glass is matte, stops reflections, Display glass/stylus create perfect surface tension, Wacom Pro Pen 2 stylus is the best on the market, Industrial Design remains strong, Fully functional Windows PC
  • Excellent pen support, special keys and software for graphic artists, high-quality case, can be used as a monitor or external graphics tablet
  • Best in class pen interface (pressure, tilt, pixellevel accuracy), 96% Adobe RGB color gamut, Can be used as a pen display for a morepowerful desktop Mac/PC, Programmable hardware interface in bezel, Programmable touch gestures, Gestures, hardware control

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Battery life left us wanting, Battery charge speed is relatively slow, Battery should be replaceable, Touch ring sometimes finicky re: granular adjustments
  • Dim screen, disappointing colour accuracy, the fan runs almost constantly, weak battery life, outdated SoC
  • Battery life, Nonremovable battery, 3D scanner is not very accurate, Fingerprint scanner didn't work on our review unit