IGP Gaming Performance

While the 3D performance has been greatly improved with the Pentium N3700 delivering 20% more performance in Company of Heroes 2 at 1280x800, that equates to just one extra frame per second. It's unsurprising then that the Pentium N3700 is still considerably slower than the AMD Sempron 3850.

The gains in Metro: Last Light were huge as the Pentium N3700 delivered 77% more performance at 1280x800, making it slightly faster than the AMD A4-4000 and Athlon 5350.

Interestingly we saw no performance gains in Hitman: Absolution when comparing the Pentium N3700 and J2900. That said, the Celeron N3150 was 33% faster than the J1800.

Tomb Raider is the only game we tested on the lowest settings and even so, the Pentium N3700 was unable to deliver playable performance at 1280x800 with just 24.4fps. Nevertheless, that was a 94% performance improvement over the J2900.

Solid improvements were also seen in BioShock Infinite, where the Pentium N3700 managed to match the Sempron 3850.

Finally we have Arma 3 which is a CPU intensive game and for that reason the lower-clocked Braswell SoCs struggled to keep pace with the Bay Trail-D processors.