Benchmarks: Metro Redux, Sleeping Dogs

When testing with Metro Redux, the R9 390X averaged 43fps at 1600p or 10% faster than the R9 390 and R9 290X. That said, the R9 390X was still 14% slower than the GTX 980.

The R9 390 on the other hand was 9% slower than the GTX 970, though it was 5% faster than the R9 290, matching the R9 290X.

The R9 380 met the R9 285 at 45fps while being 2% slower than the R9 280X and 12% slower than the GTX 960.

The R9 390X averaged 42fps at 1600p when testing with Sleeping Dogs, making it 11% faster than the R9 390 as well as the R9 290X. Moreover, this time it was just 2% slower than the GTX 980. Although the R9 390 trailed the R9 390X by a 10% margin, it was still 6% faster than the GTX 970 and 9% faster than the R9 290.

The R9 380 averaged 48fps at 1080p, making it just 2% faster than the R9 285 and 4% faster than the GTX 960. That said, it was 6% slower than the R9 280X.