Application Performance

The Core i7-5775C was 21% slower than the i7-4790K at completing the Excel 2013 workload, taking 4.1 seconds opposed to just 3.4 seconds.

The Core i7-5775C matched the AMD FX-8350 in our 7-zip test, though this did make it 16% slower than the Core i7-4790K.

Surprisingly the Core i7-5775C was much faster than the i7-4790K when running the built-in WinRAR benchmark. Here the new 5th generation Core processor was 11% faster as it managed 12409KB/s.

Again the Core i7-5775C was able to beat the i7-4790K, this time by a mere 3% margin in Photoshop CC.

The Core i7-5775C was 10% slower than the i7-4790K in Illustrator CC, taking 2.3 seconds to complete the workload, the same amount of time it took the Core i5-4690K.