Overclocking Performance

Overclocking the Core i7-5775C to 4.2GHz increased the Cinebench multi-threaded score by 12%, though this wasn't quite enough to beat the Core i7-4790K which at up to 4.4GHz still has a clock speed advantage.

This time the overclock allows for just a 6% increase in score as the Core i7-5775C now managed 6644pts, making it slightly slower than the i7-4790K.

The 3D Particle Movement test saw a 13% increase in single and multi-threaded performance for the overclocked Core i7-5775C.

The overclocked Core i7-5775C was just 5% faster in Excel, taking 3.9 seconds to complete the workload.

The overclocked Core i7-5775C delivered 8% more performance when comparing single and multi-threaded performance in WinRAR.

This time we see a 12% improvement in performance as the overclocked Core i7-5775C took just 12.4 seconds to complete the Photoshop CC workload.

Interestingly we see a large 21% performance increase when testing with the x264 HD Benchmark, which was enough for the overclocked Core i7-5775C to overtake the i7-4790K.