G29 Driving Force

The G29 Driving Force is designed for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as well as PC, though initially Logitech didn't make it clear that the wheel worked on PC.

Compared to the G920, the wheel itself is exactly the same, measuring 260mm wide, 270mm tall and is wrapped in leather. All the internal hardware is also the same, so you get the helical gear system and dual-motor force feedback.

The key difference can be found when looking at the wheel buttons. The directional pad, left and right stick buttons, menu button and view buttons are still the same. Technically so are the Xbox A, B, X and Y buttons, though they are now PlayStation buttons.

The Xbox button at the bottom of the G920 with that annoyingly bright white LED has been replaced with a series of buttons. These buttons are labeled as 'share', 'option' and 'PS', while this means little on PC they can be programmed to carry out any function.

Also found on the G29, which aren't on the G920, are a 24-point selection dial and the +/- buttons on the front of the wheel.

Then there are the LED indicator lights which are positioned just above the center of the wheel. These lights tell you exactly when to up- or down-shift, allowing you to maintain maximum acceleration without taking your eyes off the track.

Other than those extra buttons and shift lights the only other difference is the color of the steering wheel stripe which has been changed from grey to blue. Personally, I prefer the look of the G920 but I feel the G29 is a better value option for PC gamers as it offers more button options and more importantly the shift lights.

The floor mounted pedal system is exactly the same, so the same issues I had with the G920's brake pedal were also had with the G29.

Something we didn't mention with the G920 is the cable management system under the wheels housing. Logitech has made it possible to store quite a large amount of cable under the wheels housing, providing cable routes for the wheel cable, pedal cable, optical shifter cable and power cable.

Another important feature is the mounting system which features both quick mounting clamps as well as more permanent bolt mounting points using M6X1 bolts.

By simultaneously pushing down and rotating the clamp knobs they can be adjusted to the required height. They come fitted with clamp extensions which can be removed for thicker desks. My office desk is quite thick at 55mm and unfortunately this meant the G29 or G920 couldn't be quick mounted as they only support up to 52mm – so close.

The wheel housing has been constructed from plastic and is designed to mimic the front of a kart or car. Despite the all plastic design the G29 and G920 feel solid enough, though we are concerned about the limited two-year warranty. In our opinion, such an expensive product should be accompanied by at least a three-year warranty, if not five-year.