Setup & Software

Apparently, if you are using the G920 and G29 on console it's simply a matter of plugging them in and you're off. Thankfully, the PC setup is much the same, though for complete control you will want to install the Logitech G gaming software first, the 64-bit version weighed in at 90MB.

Before getting to the software you must first plug everything in. This is a relatively quick and easy process and as we mentioned when discussing the G29, the wheel provides some nice cable management options.

The pedals connect to the wheel using what looks like a RS-232 connector, while the wheel connects to the PC using a USB 2.0 connector and a small 5v DC plug also connects to the wheel to power the dual motors.

With all the cables connected up and the wheel mounted to your desk or similar, it's time to set up the Logitech gaming software.

As expected, the Logitech software looks great and is highly intuitive. The home menu shows an image of the pedals and wheel with the customizable parts highlighted in blue.

The wheel menu allows for numerous adjustments and you can create virtually limitless profiles. You can also scan for games on your PC and choose those that you want to configure the Driving Force wheel for.

The steering wheel sensitivity can also be changed here if the option isn't present in-game.

The pedals can also be modified, though for the most part we can't imagine gamers needing to make too many changes here.