On the front of the Nexus 5X is a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD panel with a pixel density of 432 PPI. Rather than opting for a 1440p display, LG has taken the conservative and, in my opinion, just as good option of 1080p, which allows the 5X to consume less power and perform better in regular operation.

The display's 5.2-inch size is just about perfect, providing a good mix of screen real estate and usability. The 5X is slightly larger than the 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 due to the larger display, and approximately the same size as the 5.2-inch Sony Xperia Z5, though noticeably larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s. Typical users should find this size much more manageable than the Nexus 6P or Galaxy Note 5.

The Nexus 5X is one of the best Android devices on the market in terms of display quality, as seen from our SpectraCal CALMAN 5 data. Accuracy is excellent, making images and apps look fantastic without appearing oversaturated. In both saturation and general accuracy, the 5X rivals the iPhone 6s, and comes in leagues ahead of vibrant rivals like the Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z5.

Of course if you prefer a vibrant (though inaccurate) display, the Nexus 5X probably isn't what you're looking for, as there are no settings that allow you to change the display's calibration. However, if you want something that displays true-to-life images, it doesn't get much better than the Nexus 5X.

The Nexus 5X falls in the middle of our charts for peak brightness, though I didn't have any issues viewing the display outdoors. This is probably due to the thinness of the protective glass, which also helps deliver fantastic viewing angles. Black levels are decent, delivering good contrast for an LCD, and the display is tinted slightly towards the cold end of the spectrum like many smartphones are.

There aren't too many display feature to note, aside from on-screen navigation buttons, which reduce the overall screen real-estate available in some applications. Adaptive brightness was very responsive where necessary, and smooth in its changes, though there is no high-sensitivity mode for using the touchscreen with gloves on.