Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Ignoring the PCI Express SSDs at the top of our chart, you can see that when measuring sequential read performance the Trion 150 is as good as any other SATA SSD. The same is true for the horribly slow Crucial BX200.

The sequential write performance is also strong for the Trion 150 as it beats out world class consumer SSDs such as the Samsung SSD 850 Pro.

The Trion 150 is actually slightly lower than the results we received from our Trion 100 sample in the random 512K read test. Even so, with a throughput of 366MB/s the Trion 150 isn't noticeably slower than other SATA SSDs in this test.

The Trion 150 does show a significant improvement in the random 512K write test with a throughput of 496MB/s compared to the 292MB/s of the Trion 100.

The random 4K read performance is greatly improved with the Trion 150 over the previous model and this is the first time we have seen the 150 outperforming the 850 Evo.

When measuring random 4K write performance we see that the Trion 150 is only marginally faster than the Trion 100, making it slower than both the BX200 and 850 Evo.