Benchmarks: PCMark 7

The Trion 150 offers a small performance boost over the Trion 100 in the PCMark 7 importing pictures test and while it is now slightly faster than the BX200, it still trails the 850 Evo.

The Trion 150 delivered almost no performance gain over the Trion 100, making it considerably slower than the Crucial BX200 and almost half the speed of the 850 Evo.

This time the Trion 150 was actaully slower than the Trion 100 with a throughput of just 70MB/ while the Samsung SSD 850 Evo was good for 126MB/s.

The last PCMark 7 test that we are going to look at measures gaming performance. Here the Trion 150 offered a small performance bump over the Trion 100 but was still considerably slower than the 850 Evo.