Benchmarks: Download Performance

First up we have the single large file download test where we copy the file from the external storage device to a local high-speed SSD. Here the Samsung T3 matched the performance of the T1 making it considerably faster than any USB thumb drive we have tested.

When downloading our game data the T1 achieved a throughput of 319.8MB/s while the newer T3 sustained 302MB/s. Although the T3 was slightly slower it still outpaced the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 128GB by 33% and the Kingston HyperX Max 64GB by 79% while topping a standard 2.5" hard drive by almost 300%.

This time the T3 was a fraction faster than the T1 as it reached 224.4MB/s, 44% more performance than the Supersonic Magnum 128GB and 48% more than the HyperX Max 64GB.