Benchmarks: Memory Performance

Keep in mind the Xeon E5-2670 processor(s) are utilizing modestly clocked DDR3 memory, whereas the 5960X is armed with DDR4 memory, and of course the newer Core i7 processors feature a vastly superior memory controller. As a result, a single E5-2670 looks a little soft compared to the 5960X, with a throughput of 31.7GB/s, but that's still not bad at all when compared to the modern mainstream desktop processors.

However once we add the second E5-2670, the bandwidth performance increases dramatically to 55.7GB/s, which allows the duo to outperform the 5960X.

The cache performance is also dramatically improved, and the numbers are essentially double those achieved by the 5960X. The L2 cache performance is incredible, 727GB/s!