Benchmarks: Batman: Arkham Knight, DOOM

We realize that Batman: Arkham Knight might seem like a bit of a strange addition to the benchmark line up, but I have included it for a reason. I was surprised to find that the GTX 1080 was just 6% faster in this title when compared to the Titan X. With an average of 54fps at 4K it wasn't exactly blazing fast, it would be interesting to know why the GTX 1080 isn't its usual 20%+ faster in this game.

You asked for it, you got it. When we published our Doom benchmark test 48 hours prior to this review, we couldn't say much about the GTX 1080, but here you have it.

The all-new OpenGL DOOM game has the GTX 1080 leading the Titan X by a respectable but not spectacular 8% margin. AMD's performance is a bit borked in this game (new drivers just came out to fix this), so the GTX 1080 enjoyed a 15% performance advantage.