Final Thoughts

By using the exceptional Radeon HD 4870 GPU and solving its heat issues courtesy of the Arctic-Cooling Twin Turbo cooler, the Force3D Radeon HD 4870 Black Edition is one of the best graphics cards that we have come across so far in its category. The only problem remaining is that we are not entirely sure how easy it will be for you to find one of these graphics cards for yourself.

Force3D is the newest player in the world of PC graphics cards and as such they still seem to be establishing themselves in the market. We believe they have a solid product in the Radeon HD 4870 Black Edition, but unfortunately we were unable to find this card anywhere, while Force3D’s own website did not have a list of current distributors. According to a company's representative, pricing on this card is expected to be very competitive in the $260-270 range.

Performance-wise the Black Edition was good with the basic overclocking offered from the factory. When we tried to manually overclock the graphics card responded with a completely stable 800MHz core clock, while the memory was safe at 4.04GHz, which was quite an impressive result.

Without a doubt, the key ingredient was the Arctic-Cooling Twin Turbo cooler that let us have huge temperature reductions at both idle and load scenarios. This alone makes buying the Force3D Radeon HD 4870 Black Edition worthwhile over a standard version of the card. Overall the Radeon HD 4870 Black Edition proved to be an excellent product, offering much needed cooling enhancements at no extra cost.