Synthetic Benchmarks

When looking at raw CPU performance, we see that the Core i5-6200U of the Beebox-S is only slightly slower than a quad-core AMD APU when measuring multi-threaded performance. When measuring single threaded performance, however, the Beebox-S has a clear advantage.

Don't expect to do anything other than extremely basic gaming on the Beebox-S. The Intel NUC6i7KYK isn't exactly a gaming solution and it looks to provide around twice the 3D performance as the Beebox-S.

Here we see that the Beebox-S provides similar 3D rendering performance to the MSI Cubi 2 Plus, which at just over 9000pts in 3Dmark 06 doesn't make it fit for gaming.

The PCMark 7 system benchmark sees the Beebox-S provide an impressive score of 5380pts which isn't a great deal slower than the MSI Cubi 2 Plus, while it is quite a bit faster than the Haswell Core i3-4130 desktop processor.